Music Forward is unyielding in our commitment to diversity, equity and belonging.
                  For over 25 years, Music Forward Foundation has impacted 1 million young lives and invested $25 million towards providing transformational experiences to youth from under-resourced communities. Each year, we activate our significant network to help us deliver $1.5 million in programming that impacts over 17,000 individuals nationwide.



                  The Artist Development pathway inspires musical careers by cultivating and celebrating emerging artists, connecting them to industry insiders, and showcasing their talent.


                  The Career Development pathway connects young people’s passions to professions off the stage. Programs reveal careers that make the industry thrive and chart individual pathways to success.


                  Music Forward partners to increase opportunity for reaching educational heights for a diverse range of students pursuing music industry careers.


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                  Music Forward increases opportunity, access, knowledge, and resources for youth to follow their dreams of a career in music and use their diverse perspectives and voices to change the world for the better.  During the […]



                  This summer, in partnership with House of Blues Foundation Rooms, we kicked off our invitation-based Plugged In virtual event series. Plugged In is a monthly event where music industry legends are invited to join us […]



                  Las Vegas-based artist Kiara Musik is a 2016 alum, who recently performed on our Instagram Live series Spotlight Unplugged. Kiara was also a 2023 participant on NBC’s The Voice, making it onto “Team Gwen.” We […]

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                  In our weekly Artist Development workshops, we provide young artists access to learning resources, industry expert insights and tips to help the next generation of artists explore and amplify their voices. For our latest “Songwriting […]

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